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For Users

For users

All your data can be stored in your personal spot.POD and apps are not able to use your information without consent.

Imagine your spot.POD as a container or storage unit you control. You as a user can put any kind of files organized in folders into it, almost like a file system. At the same time, spot.POD is an app to access and navigate through your data.

There are a few unique facts about the spot.POD which makes it very special compared to other popular cloud solutions. First the spot.POD is based on Solid, Web standards (like Linked Data) and thus doesn’t imply vendor locking. Altogether, these technologies empower developers to build Semantic Web applications at a new level of data protection and intelligence beyond a simple dumb data storage.

The spot.POD in the first version is supposed to be  a Web App for mobile and PCs and will offer several useful features that will be introduced soon. Stay tuned and follow our future announcements!