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spoter.ME Preview

spoter.ME 0

Hey there and nice to spot(er) you!

While we are preparing the launch of our Beta service, let’s take a closer look at how a user can create a spoter.ME POD and what it offers for app providers. You can try out this tutorial yourself under

The following description refers to the smartphone view of the application, where the menu actions are hidden under the menu button. In the Desktop view the actions are directly visible.

You as a user can create an additional POD for yourself on our server and use it pretty much like the “default” POD. But let’s check out how you’re able to create your very own POD. Firstly, open our spot.POD app and log in to Solid using the corresponding link in the app menu:

If you still don’t have a Solid account, it is easy to set up one. There are still only a few providers for Solid accounts, but this is something that will change in the future. For now, you can go to or and register there. The good thing about a Solid account is, that it is your Web identity for the whole Solid world. It doesn’t matter which app you use, as long as it is a Solid based app, your account isn’t linked to any app provider. There will be a blog post coming handling this in more detail.

After the login the user orisha1, having an account at in this case, sees his “default” POD at the Solid community server,

Now it is time to extend the Solid universe! Push the menu button, select “create spoter.ME POD” and fill out the form. You can select any POD name as long as it is not already used by another user. A natural choice for this is your user name, but feel free to be more creative 😉 In this example we call the new POD like the user and please don’t forget to accept the terms and conditions of the service:

Voila! The second POD is created and fully functional. Essentially there is no difference between the PODs. Nevertheless, it can make sense for you to distribute your data among different providers. Take a look at the provider’s “terms and conditions”. The spoter.ME Beta is a free limited service according to the available data volume, performance, and availability guarantees. Please be assured this will be substantially improved with the coming product releases.

Go ahead and put some data on the new fresh POD, for example your last inspiring snapshot…

or your favorite music …

The spot.POD app allows managing easily other Solid PODs too. This is indeed an exceptional feature. Try it out! It is quite the same and it is up to you, where you prefer to host your own data. Solid is about freedom and with it you become a more sovereign Web citizen.

You prefer a different app to access your data? No problem as long as the app supports multiple PODs.

This story is told from the user’s perspective, but what is in it for you as an app provider? If you are developing a Solid app, it can create a spoter.ME POD for a user, just as spot.POD does. We would recommend it as your app might become more attractive for potential users, be creative 😉 It also depends on the requirements the app states to the Solid backend.

Our server offers a simple POD management API for this purpose. To start right now developing and testing, contact us to register and get an API key for the Beta release. We can provide you with a free plan at this beta stage. We will also support non-profit open-source projects with friendly plans. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to clarify, reach out to us preferably via mail at

We are pleased you got till here. Our journey has just started and there will be more to come, stay tuned!

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